Problem removing Opera Browser

By src
Dec 17, 2004
  1. When I try and remove the Opera browser from the add/remove control panel I get the error message could not open INSTALL.LOG file i have tired looking the error message on google with very little luck.

    Thank you an advance for any help with this problem.
  2. HopiTac

    HopiTac TS Rookie

    Try to reinstall the Opera and then uninstall it.
  3. src

    src TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i tried that but no luck is still got the same error message.
  4. rgelpi48

    rgelpi48 TS Rookie

    Problem removing Opera browswe

    Each time I go to "Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel to uninstall the Opera browser (version 7.54 I believe it is) I keep receiving error message "Could not open Install.Log file".

    Additionally, I cannot browse the Internet with the Opera browser. I do not know why because it had been working perfectly before

    Please help me solve this situation.
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