Problem sharing files in home network after installing Norton Internet Security 2005

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Feb 1, 2005
  1. I networked my 2 PCs with a Linksys router and was able to share files between the 2. One PC has XP Home Edition, the other XP Professional. Later I installed Norton Internet Security 2005 on the PC with XP Pro, and could no longer access the 5 shared folders I set-up in the other PC. I disabled Norton Personal Firewall and was able to access the SharedDocs folder and the administrator's folder (the other 3 folders were still not accessible). After I re-enabled the Norton Personal Firewall , I was still able to access the same 2 folders and not the other 3 folders.
  2. Vigilante

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    One word, "firewall".

    I've seen, especially with Norton, that even if you disable the firewall, it can still block a lot of stuff.

    I believe you have to go into the firewall settings and allow something. Not sure what. Just look around. Something relating to outgoing network traffic or home networking or allowing computers to do something.

    Sorry I haven't used that NIS but I've seen the firewall block stuff a lot. I'm sure that's got to be it.

    good luck.
  3. thadlee

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    Thanks Vigilante.

    I am now able to access all the shared folders for all of the user accounts. I had to disable the sharing for all the user accounts (other than the administrator account, which had no sharing problem), then re-enable sharing from within each user account. In order to set-up sharing from within the other user accounts, I had to set-up the other accounts as "computer administrator." After enabling the sharing, I changed those accounts back to "limited."

    I also added the IP address and subnet mask of the PC with XP Home onto the trusted computers listing in NIS 2005 (on the PC with XP Pro). This allowed me to "turn-on" the Norton Personal Firewall without losing any of the network connections and file sharing.

    I still have another problem. When signing-in under the computer administrator" user account in the PC with XP Pro, I can see all the shared folders for all user accounts in the PC with XP Home. However, when signing-in under the "limited" accounts in the PC with XP Pro, I cannot see the shared folder that was set-up within the counterpart user account in the PC with XP Home. How do I set it up so the "limited" user account on the PC with XP Pro can access the counterpart shared folder on the other PC?
  4. Vigilante

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    Limited user accounts are in fact, pretty "limited". I'm not sure what their default levels of network access are.

    This one might be a little trickier. Because XP Home doesn't have advanced permissions like Pro does. Plus which Service Pack it's running might make a difference too.

    Check that both PCs have the same "workgroup". You might also try typing the computer name and shared folder directly into the RUN box just as a check. For example, type "\\pcname\sharename" and hit enter. Yes that is TWO backslashes. If it works in the Admin user but not a limited user, then it must be a permissions problem. You may have to use an admin account to create a policy to allow the limited user network resources.

    That's a tough one.
  5. Samstoned

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    you might have to add user rights to security folder
    From my use and others that I have talked with ,norton is a big pain in $$$
    Zone alarm is best for out of the box
    and blackice is the way for advanced users
    PS a little trick I have found if you can find the CAB files for some of the XP pro features they will run on the home version.
    I fixed a customers xp homethat way
  6. jobeard

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    permission issue

    The user id that creates the SHARE will predicit the access rights. Thus if the share is created by an Admin account, then ONLY admin accounts will be allowed to share.

    login as admin and delete the shares
    login as the limited user account (specifically that user which 'owns' the data) and create the share(s)

    in your firewall config, you have the trusted subnet for your in-house LAN
    eg 192.168.100.{1-10}
    and you ADD a rule to ALLOW 192.168.100.{1-10} port 135-139, 445

    you should have file and print sharing access from any to any :)

    this even works for hetrogenous systems on the Lan
    Mac OS X, WinXP, Win98se, Linux-Redhat
  7. jeffreyfrog

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    Don't click too much times.. because once you clicked first time it started to check the system compatibility. so wait for 3 t0 6 minutes after u clicked..

    Reason 1: Your system may fail to meet the system Requirement which it needs.
    Reason 2: If you are logged in USER Privilege it won't install it.
    Reason3: May be another anti-virus software prevent it . or its old version may prevent it to install. (Deactivate the old one, until NIS install).
    Reason 4: May be your CD is cracked.

    pinnaclesecurity dot com
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