Problem strating up Far Cry

By Ben Gregson
Aug 3, 2005
  1. I have just bought Far Cry for my Pc and it installs fine, but when it comes to actually playing the game i insert the right CD, and click play, when i have done that i wait for it to load. Theloading screen shortly comes on showing the start picture and then the game simply seems to stop loading, as if the computer isnt reading it anymore and the game stays on the same screen! what can i do??
  2. ska_the_jackel

    ska_the_jackel TS Rookie

    Yeah mate the same thing happens to me when i go to play far cry the screen goes black then returns to the desktop really frustrating cause i know the games fantastic, my system is pentium 4 2.6 ghz 512mb ram 80 gig HD 128 Geforce 4 graphics card crt monitor more than minimum requirements strange eh...!!!!!
  3. ska_the_jackel

    ska_the_jackel TS Rookie

    Ive sussed what my problam was......Phew

    Mate all i did was roll back my graphics driver, let me explain i updated my graphics driver to 70 what ever it was, and ever since then far cry wouldnt work dont know why but i managed to get hold of an ealier driver and bobs your aunty its now workin hope this works for you mate im off too play l8ter'z
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