Problem Uninstalling Quick Time 6.5.2

By RandyStacyE · 4 replies
Oct 14, 2005
  1. I currently have Quick Time 6.5.2 installed and the "uninstall" located in my program list will not function. I continually get a message saying basically that a program or control panel which uses Quick Time appears to be running. Suggest closing all windows programs.

    All programs are closed. Quick time is closed, no icons are on my lower right part of the screen (by the time), I Ctrl/Alt/Delete to task manager to see if any Quick Time processes or any other applications are running. None appear to be running.

    I tried to uninstall Quick Time using “Add Remove Programs” within my control panel and get the same result/error.

    I ran a search for a file within my computer in hopes to find some obscure uninstall file or instructions with no luck either.

    Apple does not have an 800 # for Windows users, but I will be calling their Windows #. Isn’t it a crying shame that Apple has no 800# for their product support.
  2. Tedster

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    go to task manager and shut down quicktime in memory.
    also download mike lin's startup editor.
    once installed you will have a tiny applet in your control panel.
    load the applet and uncheck the box next to quicktime.
    now quicktime will not automatically load when you boot your computer.
    uninstall quicktime.
  3. poertner_1274

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    You can also uninstall it in Safe Mode. It shouldn't start while in there, and allow it to be removed. Best of luck

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  4. RandyStacyE

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    I appreciate your replies and I read through them all. I ended up on a long distance call with Apple for over an hour; screwing with task manager, downloading and installing “Windows Clean Up” tool. Didn’t work. They had me try a few different selective start up modes, didn’t work. They had me run a search for the term “quicktime”, everything that resulted from the search I was told to delete. Well most of them wouldn’t/couldn’t delete.

    It turned out that downloading the “stand alone quick time installer” of the version 7 would overwrite the previous installed version. This installer would not install properly on the first attempt because of a very recent set of “Windows Updates” were not yet installed on my computer! Once they were taken care of I was able to install the “stand alone quick time installer” and then uninstall version 7 which eventually solved all of the problems.

    Oh my god! This took a couple of hours at least, not counting the time I spent all last night.
  5. poertner_1274

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    Well I'm glad to hear you got it taken care of, even though it did take you quite a while. Unfortunately that is how a lot of computer problems are. Just have to think through it and try to figure something out until it works. Best of luck in the future, and always remember if you have any other questions feel free to come back and ask again :)
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