Problem with 9800 pro(what's new) and new PSU!

By alltimeqb
Mar 2, 2006
  1. There is a ton of history here so I'll see if I can get a hit on the current issue:
    I have an Abit NF7-SG2 mobo with a 2100 athlon chip and a new antec 430w psu. I plug in the 9800 pro and get nothing from bios, no output to screen other than the image out of range... plug in an old nvidia mx400 video card and no problem.

    I have another computer with the same mobo from which i've moved the 9800 pro - it worked there just fine! The psu in the other computer is a 360w - chaintec or sumthing.

    It's like this psu isnt' able to push the right? current to the 9800 pro or somthing. I've tried to set bios appropriately for .8v agp 8x etc but to no avail. ne ideas????
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