Problem with ATI OC software

By Turkk
Feb 20, 2006
  1. Problem with ATI OC software (fixed)

    I downloaded this

    And whenever I log onto my user (which sadly, is the only one I have with admin rights), it gives me a BSOD and reboots. Obviously, installing and running this software was a bad idea.

    I can still logon as a guest, but I can't go into msconfig to disable the startup item which is causing all this. And I can't uninstall the software, the uninstaller thinks it removes it, but it still stays since I can't stop the process.

    Since as a guest I also can't do anything with the minidumps (including opening, copying), what other steps can I take to solve this problem?

    EDIT: Fixed it, just had to do a "Run as..." on msconfig and use my admin user, found the .exe and problem solved. Just so anyone with a similar problem can know.
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