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Problem with BF2 and Video Card

By nWo9898915456
Aug 15, 2005
  1. :eek: Nooooo here i am again with a BF2 problem. Well anyways here it is. I'm thinking i have to bring my computer and video card into best buy (where i bought the both of em' .....) and have them fix it because i'm just flat out fed up with this happening to me everytime i get something hehe. Anyways.. heres the problem..

    Problem: I start BF2 with the CD in and all. Well it gets past all the stupid little video commercial things then just about gets to the main menu. I hear a ladies voice say "Welcome to duty" and the screen is grey and static like then before the icons appear on the main menu the whole screen freezes in BF2 but i still hear the music. It crashes me to Desktop and BF2 is STILL running. It gives me a error saying...

    Error: "Please tell nVidia about this problem"... next line "The generated error report contains only system information such as driver version, graphics frame buffer size, etc. that will be used to analyze the problem. This reported will be treated as anonymous" then it gives me two options.. Send Error Report and then Don't Send. Well when i select Send Error Report it gives me a blank email to email nVidia the problem. Do i really need to do this? And even after i do.. it continues with the same problem at the BF2 main menu. Is this something i should bring the computer and graphics card into best buy to fix for 40$? Or is it something easily fixxable?

  2. nWo9898915456

    nWo9898915456 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    New Imformation On This..


    Well jeez.. i just went to Best buy and they told me that it is not a problem with the video card nor the game itself. They said its a Windows problem. They recommended restoring my PC.. is this the way to do it? Or are they wrong? I just need to know what to do to play BF2 is that so hard!!!!?? lol Thanks guys in advance :monkey:
  3. nonda

    nonda TS Rookie Posts: 35

    Restoring Your PC

    To restore your Pc for Windows, Go to your Start menu, click Start, Go to All Programs, select Accessories, select System Tools, System Restore. When the System Restore comes up click Restore my computer to an earlier time, then hit next, select a date that u think works, and it will restart your pc and restore, if the message on you pc comes up on the system restore says something like, could not restore your pc, then go back and select another date.

    Gl hope this helps

    P.S - BF2 is 1 of the most glitchy games i have ever played, and it still crashes on me, not to my desktop or anything, my whole comp just shuts off so consider yourself lucky
  4. loupegarou

    loupegarou TS Rookie Posts: 39


    Yes Bf2 is a beast.
    What i would do is format / reinstall my os so you have a clean enviroment.
    Install the newest drivers.
    Download the latest patches. (they are big)

    By the way? what are your specs??
    I play bf2.

    here are mine

    athlon 64 3200
    2gigs of ram
    2 74gig raptors
    geforce 6800gt oc 256mb
    audigy 2 card.

    i also use a program called xfire...it helps me find friends in games already.
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