Problem with CD's of my computer ???

By katanga069
Dec 25, 2004
  1. Hi there, is anyone got the same problem than me ???

    i just bought Call of Duty the 23 dec 2004
    i tried to installed it and it went pretty well
    th hic is when i try to play single player it alway's say
    that he can't find the right CD ,,, jesus i got only 2
    disk 1 and 2 trie3d both and it won't sart ???

    I did a restore from my system, deactivate Norton anti virus
    installed it from my other cd but still the same problem ???

    Any clues ???

    I even tried the nocd patch version 1.5 because i did update this game...

    Wondering if i should send it back to the retailler '????

    need help soon ....


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