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Problem with cold start ! BIOS runs only on multiple power ons !

By abhishaked
Sep 21, 2005
  1. Hi All !!

    My first post to this forum ! :wave:

    I have a very weird problem in my newly assembled system (2 months old ).From the begnning on cold boot of my system, it wasnt starting and on restarting the power multiple number of times it used to start and work perfectly( even shaking it a bit use to work ! ). Recently it became a nuisance and I changed the complete motherboard. It worked fine for 3 days and now again I have the same problem. This is the history of the checks made on system :

    1. Checked for all jumper settings, connections and configuration to be proper.
    2. Checked for well connected RAM and Graphic card.
    3. Checked if there is power in the MB. When i start the comp, the MB's led glows but there is no booting and there is no power in cdrom and floopy.
    4.CPU temp and voltages are correct according to the manual
    5. Harddisk is spinning (i can feel the vibrations)
    6.Cleared CMOS

    I am stumped what the problem is. It cant be a PSU problem as i have installed a new PSU with still the same problem. I have a doubt ! Say its a booting problem then if the system doesnt boot atleast there should be power in the Cdrom(ie, the CD plate should come out on pressing the eject button). Is this assumtion correct ??

    Here is my system configuration :
    AMD Athylon 2800
    1GB RAM (single wafer in 1 slot)
    Geforce 5500 256MB graphic accelerator card
    TUL Express Mother Board (A480 series)
    4MB Flash Bios
    Tvtuner Card

    Please help me out. Tell me if anyone had similar problems and has corrected/is trying to correct the problem. We can discuss

    Thanks a lot in advance


  2. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 303

    I wouldnt be surprised if your power supply is just not good enough for the system you have.
    Most power supplies are cheap. Personally, i never buy a power supply that comes with a case unless its from a very well-known name. I like to buy a good quality power supply and then use either a case i have on hand or buy a new case.
    Either way, the power supply that comes with a standard pc is usually anywhere from junky to pure crap. They will work but they will cause problems, booting problems, burner\cd problems, etc. Eventually they just die but in the meantime people replace their motherboard, ram, etc, thinking the problem is something else when its really the power supply.

    Any ideas on your power supply, the make and model?
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