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Sep 4, 2005
  1. Hi guys, i have a problem that started yesterday. I was on my computer and all of a sudden the monitor turned off. This happened several times but the funny thing is my computer stayed on. My instinct was it was the monitor so i got a new one and it worked fine. I thought it was solved. The exact same thing happened today. When it shut down my pc closes everything i know because the programs i was in i couldnt talk in anymore so now i know its not the monitor. Now whenever i start to start up my pc it shuts down within a matter of seconds. Could this be a power supply problem? please let me know! and my room is very cool so its not caused by heat.
  2. DonNagual

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    Even though your room is cool, I wouldn't rule out heat yet. Could very well be your problem.

    Download and install motherboard monitor and see what kind of temps you are hitting.

    And for clarification: at first only your screen was turning off, but not your computer. Now your computer is turning off completely within seconds, is this accurate?

    Do this as well (assuming you are on XP). Right click on "my computer" and select "manage". Find the "event viewer" in there. And tell us what errors are showing up in those categories listed.
  3. feroxd

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    I wish i could even get to my desktop. I know its not a temp problem because ive had it off for a few hours and right when i boot up it turns off. Could this be a power supply problem?
  4. feroxd

    feroxd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i fixed my power supply problem, but i still have a problem. When i turn my computer on my monitor just stays like its off. I have tryed 2 different monitors and cords and it does the same thing. I know the monitor is plugged in because when i unplug it it goes to a floating window saying not connected or sumthing. Anyone have any ideas? any would help please!
  5. Cyber

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    So ur saying ur computer works but there is no display Right?

    If so!

    I think it might be ur Video Card... My friend had a similer problum and he just changed his video card and his computer worked fine...

    since u changed ur Power suply it might have damaged ur video card... (may be not sure). But try to replace ur video card and then try...

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