Problem with disc drive door on laptop

By cindytrtt
Oct 2, 2007
  1. I recently had the hard drive replaced and more memory added onto my laptop and since i have had it back, the disc door will not click shut nor stay shut. I am having to use tape to keep it closed but i can still use it for it's purposes. How do i fix this headache?????
  2. Tedster

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    more than likely you have a plastic tang or latch broken off internally. The only solution is either get the repair shop to replace the drive, or you replace it.
  3. cindytrtt

    cindytrtt TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Where do i get the parts and how difficult is it to replace? I am in a new area and cannot find anyone to help me so i am willing to do this myself. Thank you
    Can you recommend which one i need? I found a place but don't know which one to buy. I want to have the equivalent or better.
  4. Tedster

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    you can try ebay or any online store. Ensure you check the reputation of the seller on ebay. I also suggest going to a computer salvage store. I used to run one years ago, but no more.

    Always pay with a credit card. If the seller turns out to be dishonest and you can't get a refund, you can charge back with a credit card.

    Ensure you know the make and model # of your computer.
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