Problem with dual screen setup (left-right)

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Apr 20, 2006
  1. Hi, i have a small desire i would say :)

    i just bought a second tft monitor for my setup and a analogue to digital dvi adapter for it. Everything works fine besides one thing! how can i make the second monitor extend to the left of the primary monitor rather than the right! Its really annoying to say the least having to work to the right. I have seen it before on left side, though on other systems.

    Anyone that can help? my graphics card is an ati radeon pro 9000 128mb.
    any help much appreciated.

  2. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    Display properties/Settings/Drag the icons,representing the monitors,how you want them arranged.More HERE
  3. mke

    mke TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 90

    thanks man it worked! he never thought of moving the icons :)
    though now i have a small problem that i noticed with the second screen.
    the colours are a bit wierd (not much, but there is something wrong that it doesnt feel right) tried swapping monitor places to see if it was the monitor but the same happens again. no matter what the second monitor has a little more less life/colour/bluriness type of thing.
    checked all settings and are correct, even tried automating it and still the same.

    any ideas?

    one monitor is an AOC LM700, the other a Sony SDM-S75A.
    anyways, hope for help :)

    gnight now

    'edit' adding something that looks really odd.
    is it right for the sony monitor to change colours when u view it from the side/top/bottom? when i look at the screen standing in front of it it looks ok, when i move on top and watch the screen, the e.g. grey colour may look like almost pink!!!

    the monitor looks amazing when i view it from the front. what is that???
    my old faithful aoc monitor does not do that at all. whats happening?

    gnight again
  4. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    Your probably already in bed,but never mind.Here`s an explanation of the LCD
    viewing angle effect HERE among other things.Even more info HERE

  5. N3051M

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    click on the second monitor and you will be able to change its display properties
  6. mke

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    hi, there

    he just woke up and started working again :0 he saw ur messages and read the artciles. so its normal for an lcd (depending on its actual specifications) to have that affect from different angles. Its wierd cause my aoc monitor is over 3 years old and probably one of the first of their type. the aoc allows viewing from almost any angle, well atleast thats what i see here. the sony however is much more sceptical on this, its freakisly clystral clear from the front, but changes alot when viewed from different angles.
    I would imagine that the older aoc is better in regards to this, altough it lucks that life in its colours that the sony has.
    Well i think at least thats what i understood. correct me please if i am wrong.
    planning to buy soon a second sony, just like the one i have to much em, cause its anoying to see so much difference.
    probably its also down to usage/wear as i have used the aoc nonstop almost 24/7 for these three years.

    anyways folks :0

    thanks for ur replies and time. if u think am wrong on something please correct me as i need to learn :)


    'edit' he again adding something that i forgot

    i found a nice little app that seems to allow the use of 2+ different wallapapers/trays/settings.... on for dual screen setups. its called ultramon though have only demo at the moment. is there any other such app that you would recommend. for me this seems great but then again i dunno the market and other such applications.


    bye again
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