Problem with DVD's with protected content?

By spartanslayer ยท 6 replies
Feb 4, 2006
  1. I just build a new computer. I have an external DVD burner hooked up to it. I just tried to play a Movie DVD, I got an error that said the drive had trouble with protected content. The DVD drive has worked with every other type of DVD I have ever tried, just not Movie DVD's. Any Ideas? Please help!
  2. mastronaut

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    Try an alternative program like VLC player. Type it into google or try to get it at: it works good for problems I've run across, like stating the (disc may be scratched) or (surface needs to be cleaned) messages, on a brand new DVD! It's really a fantastic player with many audio and video settings, as well as streaming record functions. Try it! :D
  3. iss

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    Is the DVD a different region code than region1?
  4. spartanslayer

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    No, the DVD worked fine on my IBM laptop. I'm not sure what the problem is. Also, I just tested it, and even though Windows Media Player says it has copywright issues (I bought this dvd at safeway so no problem there) Win DVD player can play it, but with no sound. Now what!
  5. iss

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    with Windows media palyer refusing to play it and there is no sound in WinDVD I would say that either the disk is defective or it is knockoff and not an genuine original disk.
  6. spartanslayer

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    I just told you, the DVD is definatley genuine, and it WORKED in my laptop. For some reason it won't work in my desktop.
  7. iss

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    A defective disk is not one that simply wont play anywhere. some DVD players are more tolerant of defects than others because some have better error correction capabilities than others.

    it is also possible that for whatever reason there is some sort of DRM on the computer that isnt on the laptop. if you have autoplay enabled and run music Cd's or DVD's that is how music companies and game developers get their DRM software installed on your system. all without you even knowing it.
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