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Problem with game port

By ratman11 · 6 replies
Jun 27, 2005
  1. Hi Guys. I have recently bought a second hand microsoft sidewinder 3d pro plus joystick. After checking on the net I think this may have been a mistake as I am running XP and it would appear that it may not work on my system. In any case I think I may have a problem with my gameport which stops me even getting to the stage of seeing if the joystick will work. I previously had a "thrustmaster" and also couldn't get anywhere with it.

    When I go to control panel, game controllers, add, and then click on any of the various joysticks, all I get is "your gameport or gameport drivers are not properly configured. Please consult the device manager".

    In Device Manager, I can not see any mention of a game port. Would this seem to suggest that my gameport is not working???

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    You should see an unsupported device in device manager, this will be the game port. To get it to work you will need to see if u can get a driver for it from the soundcard manufacturers site and update the unsupported device with it.
  3. ratman11

    ratman11 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your reply. i have checked the device manager and I can't see the word "unsupported device" anywhere. I have looked under all the headings (computer, disk drives, display adapters etc). Is this what you meant ???
  4. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    You looked in the right place. As there is nothing there the problem is probably 1 of 2 things.
    1 - If its a built in sound card then perhaps the port is disabled by either a setting in your bios or by a jumper setting on your mobo.

    2 - You may have put the wrong driver on it, you could try safe mode by pressing F8 just before xp starts to load and select "safe mode" from the menu. If u have lots of shotrcuts on your background then doing this will mess them up as it boots into a low resolution. The advantage with safe mode is it shows faulty and multiple device drivers.

    If there is anyting u r not sure about, then press the print screen button which will do a screenshot then open up paint and click on edit then paste, save it as as a jpg then u can post it up for us to have a look at.
  5. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,102   +419

    You should be looking under "Sound, video and game controllers." However, I think you're wasting your time. In the end, that joystick is not supported for XP.
  6. MrTerru

    MrTerru TS Rookie

    that not true lol it does just don't know how here's the problem i got i got a new acer and i also got a CW pc hooked up together (for recording) lol and i have the wheel and the flight stick when i plugged my joy sticks into the CW machine it auto installed the drivers for it on it's own and when i go to device manager it says Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro and when i look in controllers it says the same thing and it's connected and lets me cal. and that but when i plug it into my acer it don't recognize and when i select microsoft auto detect it'l say microsoft auto detect on device manager and game controllers and when i go into system manager and update driver and select the Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro it'll change it for me in the device manager but still says the auto one in the controllers and both systems has the same xp cd and all teh same settings and drivers??? so if u can figure out how to change that it should be good lol plz so i can use my controllers lol the only difference between the two is the acer has a on board sound card with no game ports and the CW has a off board sound card but i did put a off board sound card (same as one in CW) into the acer but not workin on acer and does work on CW any suggestions? sorry for spellin i tired lol
  7. rickmac

    rickmac TS Rookie

    Non-USB SideWinder 3D Pro (orig.) w/XP

    Here's what I did to get mine working:

    Tested with 32-bit XP Pro SP2

    Added Creative Game port (for my sound card)
    Set I/O Range to 208-20F

    Added Standard Game Port
    Set I/O Range 201-201

    Went into Control Panel / Game Controllers

    Added Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro (Autodetect) to the Creative Game Port
    Joystick status showed "Not Connected"

    Added Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro (Autodetect) to the Standard Game Port

    Game Controller displays now only ONE (1) Sidewinder 3D Pro!!!

    XP informed me that the last hardware installed might not work correctly. Who Cares?!?!

    I now have a fully working Sidewinder 3D Pro plugged into the 15 pin game port on my sound card!

    Game Controller and Device Manager displays now only ONE (1) Sidewinder 3D Pro!!!
    "Not Connected" one disappeared!!

    Sidewinder 3D Pro switch is set to Position 1 (.) and all buttons, functions work.

    Have been able to calibrate and use in games.
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