problem with hidden files n folders. pls help!

By ashwa
Jun 17, 2007
  1. hi,

    i have windows xp pro with win98 as my dual boot.

    i have lately reformatted my pc n i have activated "show hidden files n folders" option in the "folder option" ever since i have installed the OS.

    i never hide a file before nor bother to see if the hidden system files are showing or not.

    but now when i try to hide a file, i gets hidden but completely out of sight. it does not appear in the transparent way, the way files/folder appear when activated the "show hidden files n folder"

    now when i try to check "do not show hidden files n folder" option n click apply the "show hidden files n folder" option gets check automatically...

    hope u r getting what i am saying.

    in files get completely out of sight when i hide them...and the "do not show hidden files n folder" option is not working either as the "show hidden files n folder option" gets checked automatically...

    i have scanned my pc with avg antivirus,ad-aware,spybot,xoftspy,zonealarm antispy,yahoo anti spy, but nothing was found.

    what is the problem here? does it has to do something with "registry" values?

    the "show hidden file n folder options" remains clicked like forever, n when hide my files they just disappear, not even appear transparent.

    pls pls help.

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