Problem with install of a 2nd XP OS for dual boot

By cmermag
Dec 11, 2005
  1. Hello all- new to the forum:

    I have two hard drives, one drive is the c:\ partition, and the other is the d:\ partition. I have an XP SP2 install on the c:\ drive, and I'm wanting to do a fresh install on the d:\ drive with an XP SP1 disc, but keeping the OS on the c drive. I don't recall having a problem with this in the past, but for some reason, after the initial install procedure, and right after the reboot, it gets to the screen where it does the quickcount for the OS chooser and launches right into the installation one (as I expect) but it goes right to a blank screen, with no disk activity, and stays there for at least an hour as I left it. The boot.ini has it pointing to the correct partition, it only has /fastdetect as an option, but.

    Ideas? I'm probably missing something easy. I checked the ntdetect and ntldr and both appear to be the ones on the xp sp1 disc (same date, size), in case of a problem with a newer ntldr from sp2 not digging the sp1 disc install.

    Thanks for any help-
  2. patio

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    It's possible that XP doesn't like the fact you are installing what it sees as an older version (SP1) on the second drive.
    Whenever you set up a dual-boot system certain system files are written to the root sector of C: no matter where you point the other OS to...
    My suspicion is that XP doesn't like SP1 after SP2.
  3. Samstoned

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