problem with L90D+ Hyundai 19" LCD

By imstillfly
Aug 13, 2005
  1. I purchased this LCD monitor a couple weeks ago and have a huge problem: there are about 30 solid, vertical, differently colored lines clustered in the right quartile of the screen. They are always there (during boot, xp loading screen etc). I have tried to connect my laptop to the monitor with the same effect. The lines are even there when I have no connection to the screen (no connection present).

    I have it hooked up through DVI, and have tried connecting to analog with the same effect. I contacted the manufacturer and they are sending the UPS out with a DoA guarantee, which is good.

    However, my question entails the following: is there something with DVI that could cause this problem? Or could my recently installed graphics card "burn" these lines into the screen? But, the screen worked fine for about a week. I work retail electronics and have been told a resounding "no"- that LCD's don't suffer from burnin. I'll list my system below. Any thoughts would be very helpful, and please let me know if I've gone on a tangent and it is just a faulty LCD monitor. Thanks much...

    HP 753N (USA)
    P4 800FSB 2.54GHz
    1GB PC2100 DDR
    ATI Radeon 9800PRO 128 model AGP 4x

    edit: Just in case it is important, I have used the "recall" function on the monitor, still with no effect.
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