Problem With Latitude D620 Laptop

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Oct 9, 2006
  1. Hi everyone. I recently just purchased A Dell Latitude D620 Laptop from a second hand store that came complete with the laptop and battery. However now that I have started the computer, I have realized that it is protected by a Novell password. I tried to reformat the computer using a Windows XP OS disc from my desktop computer, but I receive and error message and it wont allow me to. Is there another way around this novell password? Or any other way to clear the hard drive of its memory? I paid quite a bit of money for this thing and i want it to work! please help anyone
  2. Rick

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    Novell password? This is a software based password and not hardware based. This means it should be easy to circumvent through formatting and other (less destructive) means.

    If your password is a BIOS password, then you have problems. :blackeye:

    Your Desktop's XP OS disc should not be used to install Windows on your desktop. It's not legit and won't always work as some manufacturer's employ means of protection to ensure Windows can only be installed on a particular make or model.

    If your XP disc can get you to recovery console though, formatting the drive should be easy. There's also plenty of programs out there like and even old Windows startup floppies that can format your drive regardless of your Novell password.
  3. korrupt

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    No offense mate, but how do we know that you baught that pc? For all we know, you couldve stolen it for data retrieval or something... I don't feel right helping you with this - sorry. You would have to go back to the store and ask them to remove/tell you the password.


  4. tipstir

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    Those are brand new, and just coming out to corp companies. We're just getting them in. Don't know where you got one from? But they're right go back to where you go it and ask them. Since your story sounds unclear to how you got it and why you have Novell Client for Windows XP on it.
  5. GeekieNick101

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    Yes they are brand new and feature core 2 duo cpu's. I'm sorry but I have to argee with the others thats alittle skeptical. Core 2 duo mobile didnt come out july 27,2006 I forget when the mobile did but still even july 27,2006 and thats for desktop cpu but still that laptop cant be that old at all maybe 2 weeks? And who would sell it? Even say if they couldnt afford it or something del has a 21 day return policy and they would only loose 15% restocking. So that story seems very stange.

    Also its most likely even under warranty! All dell systems come with atleast 1 year of standard warranty and that laptop is deff. not a year old. That makes it seem even stranger. Who would give up a laptop thats not even enar new also even stranger we all know usually consumers do not purchase Latitude there for business and government and most business keep there computers for awhile they dont just buy a new one every month maybe once a year ususaly not and the government ususally never would buy a new compute reven a year they get nw ones every 5 years? Well no 8-10 years normaly they do keep them a while.
  6. Rick

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    ChillCash asked for help, not criticism and accusational index fingers.

    It may have been ripped from someone; It may have not. We shouldn't assume its hot just because someone had some good fortune, connections or indirectly benefitted from someone's misfortune.

    Examples of probable and legitimate reasons include:
    Pawn shops, auctions (online and in-person), close-outs, credit unions and other places that collect collateral. Things like divorce, deaths and hard times are sad, but this stuff has to go somewhere...

    And much like leaving your keys in the ignition, if you don't secure your laptop, you need to take some responsibility. There's plenty of theft deterrents out there like LoJack, BIOS password, hard disk encryption and physical locks. Some of these which no one here could really help this person bypass.
  7. ChillCash

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    Thanx alot Rick, Your advice worked perfectly. And just for all u "non-believers" this item is not hot. I have posted a new thread however still wondering about the OS disc. Now that my hard drive is cleared I still can not install windows. Is there another way that i can find a OS disc that works for my laptop? I really dont want to spend more money on software. Thanks again
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