Problem with missing SHELL.DLL

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Jan 10, 2005
  1. Hi! I have a problem with missing SHELL.DLL because when I try to install one of my program from school and a message keep on popping up and it says that missing SHELL.DLL and can not find it.Can any one help! I need help as soon as possible.Thanks!
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Hmm, you're trying to run a really old program, shell.dll is for Windows 3.1, as far as I know.

    It would help if you'd tell which operating system you're using. It might not have Windows 3.1 compatibility libraries.
  3. kelya

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    reply to Mictlanteccuhtli

    I'm not sure but my computer is microsoft windows XP Home edition. I am trying to install Fianacial Accounting Student CD-ROM for windows into my computer but is keeps on telling me that it acn't find SHELL.DLL.
  4. j4m32

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  5. kelya

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    reply to j4m32

    How do I put it in C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 AND C:\WINNT\SYSTEM?
  6. j4m32

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    open the file i told you to download ( leve this open but minimize it

    then go:

    Start -> My Computer

    then there should be a Hard Drive "C:\" doubble click here
    then there should be a folder "WINNT" doubble click on this
    next you go into "SYSTEM" (Doubble click)
    now minimize this and go back to the file at the beggining ""
    there should be a file copy this and go back to "SYSTEM" and paste it in here
    then all you have to do is press back in the "SYSTEM" folder go into "SYSTEM32" and paste it in there too

  7. kelya

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    REPLY TO j4m32

    I did what you told me to do but it seems like there are no WINNT in my C:\ and my system is in windows and I don't think I see SYSTEm32 in there also.
  8. j4m32

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    oh sorry my bad!

    i thaught u had XP i should have asked!

    ok do the same thing but replce "WINNT" with "WINDOWS" eg: "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM" if you don't have xp

    if you do it could be installed on another partition like D:\ or E:\

  9. Papasan

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    Missing Shell.Dll


    We have windows XP home edition - a compaq computer- and when you start up the system - when the computer reaches the desktop - before everything boots up - a button pops up that says "cannot find shell.dll" and you have to click ok - then a windows help window opens up - it is blank.

    I have gone tried to fix this - but cannot find the right program.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks - Papasan :cool:
  10. j4m32

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    F8 Boot up -> Safe mode / last good configureation

    on boot screen press f8 and go into "last goodconfigureation", if this does not work then do the following:

    on boot press f8 on loading screen and load into "safe mode",
    once in without desktop errors!
    download the unzip this or obtain a copy else where,
    and then replace in (i think its) "C:\windows\system\Shell.dll" (/ "system32") with the one in the ""

    ill check on that one but that should work?

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