Problem with my Dell c600 latitude not charging either bay

By vette66_00
Dec 2, 2005
  1. Im having a problem with my dell not charging my battery. I have 2 batteries One brand new, and one older. I just had to redo my computers operating system and when I got it back up the battery(s) will not charge. Right now one of the batterys are at %90 and is slowly going down. I did use all the drivers found on dell and Im running A-23 bios version.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    Chris M
  2. Rick

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    There's nothing in the software which will keep your battery from charging. To test this, you can turn the laptop off so no software is running at all.. Does it charge?

    Basically, if it isn't charging in Windows, it probably won't charge shut off either. This points to a hardware problem. What happened exactly? I have no idea, but it is probably coincidental that it happened along with your Windows installation.

    Some ideas on what this can be is (most likely) a burned out AC power supply. My second guess would be a broken power jack (that little hole the AC fits into can get lose or broken very easily). And my third guess would be a board problem (I've actually see a Dell 600M - almost identical laptop - with the exact same problem).

    If you can swap out the power supply with another, you can rule out the AC adapter. Maybe a friend has a simliar Dell laptop or you can buy a universal one and take it back.. hehe! :D

    Test for a broken power jack? Not quite so easy, but if your new or borrowed AC power supply doesn't work, then it is definitely a good chance. You might notice the pin inside the barrel hole wiggles a lot... or maybe isn't even there anymore. Or perhaps when you wiggle the end of your AC supply the power intermittently cuts in/out. These are good signs you'll need to have this taken to a professional to get fixed.

    And the board would be the last result, assuming at least one of the batteries are good. In this case, you'll proably want to send it back to Dell (if possible) or get a replacement board from a place like eBay and cross your fingers.
  3. vette66_00

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    Just to let you and everybody else know that I fixed my problem. I ran my battery down to 40%. I plugged in the power supply 30 mins later still at 40%. So I read some where that it could be a Bios flash issue so I got Bios ver. A-22 flashed it and ran up the computer. After full boot I then shut it down and then reflashed it to A-23 and started it back up. As soon as I restarted the computer after the second boot the charge light was on and stayed on until the battery was at 100%. So I believe that it was a bios glitch that was not allowing the charge system to run properly.

    Thanks for the help.
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