Problem with NEC ND-1300A not updating TOC

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Jul 9, 2004
  1. I have a NEC ND1300A DVDRW drive in my system. Whenever I put a new disc into the drive the table of contents do not update in Windows Explorer or even on command prompt. It will list the contents of the previous disc on it. I have to open and close the drive 5 or 6 times before it displays the contents. I have since found a way to force it to read the table of contents and that is to go into the drive properties and disable or enable digital audio on the drive. Once I check or uncheck that box and hit OK it'll display the current CD's Table of Contents in Windows Explorer. Unfortunately this is very tedious and Windows shouldn't operate this way.

    Is there anyway to fix this problem so I can use my DVDRW drive normally? My specs are below.

    Windows XP SP1
    AMD Athlon 2700+
    1GIG Kingston HyperX Memory
    Sound Blaster Audigy
    WD 160GB HD w/8meg cache
    Chaintech 7-nil1 nForce 2 MB
    GeForce 4 ti4200

    Thanks for any help you all can give. I know that I could try to reinstall Windows but I don't want to go through all of that and find out it's a hardware error.

    One other thing, I believe my bios for my drive is 1.0a and yes I've tried updating the bios again to see if it fixes it.
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    When Autorun is disabled, changing CDs no longer changes the displayed TOC. You have to press F5 to refresh the CD contents, while in Explorer.

    When Autorun is enabled, hold down the Shift button while inserting/closing the CD to bypass Autorun.

    Some more info here:
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    F5 does nothing. I press it over and over and all it does is flash the previous CD's contents.

    This goes beyond the regular troubleshooting. I've also installed the latest aspi 4.6 and still does the same thing. I've enabled autoplay and disabled autoplay. I've F5'ed. Still shows the previous contents until I disable or enable digital audio each time I insert a new CD.
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    Your best bet is to replace that cranky Explorer with a decent alternative, namely PowerDesk.
    There is a free version 4, available here:

    Free version 5 here:

    This should be more than adequate for normal needs, and it beats the crap out of Explorer.
    If you are impressed and want an even more powerfull version, which e.g. includes FTP, go for the full (paid for) version, available at

    (The program used to belong to Ontrack, who sold it to v-com)
  5. hunter7795

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    Didi I mention that I cannot see the new discs contents in Command Prompt either? If I do "dir" it will display the previous discs contents as well.

    I'll try that program and let everyone know.

    The thing is I've used Microsoft Explorer for years and I've never had this problem. I don't see why I have to change programs now.

    Thank you for the advice.
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