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May 23, 2007
  1. Hey guys just built the following system and when the power is turned on monitor isnt responsive at all. Luckily its an abit AW9D with the post feature which said 8.7. according to the manual it said check cpu core voltage. Does this mean I have a DOA cpu? Everything connected properly and seated and cmos has been cleared cant do much more as theres nothing on screen etc and no OS yet installed.

    Mobo: AW9D abit
    CPU: E6600 core 2 intel
    hdd: samsung spinpoint
    psu: 430watt tagan
    ram: corsair 800mhz ddr2 2gb
    vga: fire gl v7200 pci-e

    Everything powers up and motherbaord power lights are on vga fans spin and hdd can be heared spinning just no monitor response and that post of 8.7. to check cpu core voltage. Hoep someone can help ty. Its under 7 days old so I can replace any part easily but it would have to be 100% faulty to avoid charges and added costs etc. Havent any replacement pci-e or ram or cpu to swap around so its pretty much process of elimination I personally am thinking either motherboard or cpu.
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    I believe it means the cpu isn't getting enough voltage from the power supply. Did you plug in all power connectors to the motherboard. There are usually at least two, the main 24 pin and a 4 or 8 pin auxiliary connector.

    Edit: I downloaded and read the motherboard manual. You have three power connectors. One 24 pin, one 8 pin for your cpu and one 4 pin molex for the PCI expansion slots. I would plug all of them in.
  3. blue_martial

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    24pin was plugged in both p4 12v plugs are in and theres no need for the molex plug on the pci-e. Used same motherboard on a different system so Id say its either a faulty 12v psu plug or that the mobo or cpu was DOA. Any further help would be great but all plugs are in.
  4. CCT

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  5. cduma

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    press a bunch of buttons on the keyboard and see if you get a beep error. this can tell you alot of information.
  6. beef_jerky4104

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    Your power supply is only 430W and your trying to power that system... Assuming that your PSU operates at 75% of it rated MAX power it only has 323W. I would put my money on the power supply. I would recommend at least a 600W PSU for a high end PC like yours.
  7. sellmesanity

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    +1. PSU is too weak.
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