Problem with new western digital 200gb HDD files partition corupted

By jc1
Jan 7, 2005
  1. I recently bought a WD 200GB 8MB cache. Every think worked fine till I tried to back up a DVD of mine using DVD Shrink (This program firsts Backups DVD files in a temp folder in HD). After doing so half of the thinks I had already stored were corrupted (Note: I had used this program before many times bucking things on my System Files HD WD 80GB 1MB cache having no problems I still don’t). Some of the folders could not be accessed form explorer. I Performed a Checkdisk fixing some files deleting most (bud sectors not found. only orphan files allocations units and bud clusters) Tried again same thing happened. I decided to return it to the store thinking it was probably defective. The gave me a new one yesterday but again I encountered the same problem (this time the explorer froze when I tried to access my drive)
    If it just the particular program that conflicts with the drive I will start using an other one but I am afraid that’s not it and that I will probably lose more data in the future operating something else. I have tried many diagnostics No problem detected. In order for the drive to work again I mast delete create and format partition. I have checked for viruses none found.

    Intel P4 2.4, 512 RAM
    Bios 4.50 Award Phoenix
    Western digital HD 200gb 4 chase master
    Neck DVD RW -+ 4x slave
    Western digital HD 80gb 1 chase master
    Philips DVD/CD slave
    Windows XP sp1

    Can some body please help?
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