Problem with onboard soundblaster live! 24bit

By henryhynd
Mar 16, 2006
  1. Hi there,
    I'm having troubles with a new MSI K8N Diamond motherbaord's onboard soundcard (soundblaster live! 24bit). the problem is THERE AINT NO SOUND! I'm not a computer noob, so i've checked all the basic stuff, including uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, checking speakers on another pc, checking around in creative's bundled software... the best i could do was with the EAX console and turning on effects and cms3d (not sure if thats the right spelling or any where close) and i get rear speakers, centre and woofer (5.1 surround logitech x-530 speaker system).

    so to recap, I have never heard sound come from the front left or right speakers and in the others only with creative software special features enabled.

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of similar or can think of anything that might be the issue... cheers ppl...
  2. jonese26

    jonese26 TS Rookie

    Hey man, don't know if I can help you but i've got the exact same sound card and speakers. Have you tried the creative diagnostics program? Or perhaps the speaker settings aren't set to 5.1... i dunno i guess u would have tried all this.
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