Problem with Outlook Express

By arthurcannon
May 5, 2008
  1. I work with disabled people who get access to the outside world through their computer. I have an avid user whose Outlook Express is sending multiple outgoing mails. A person can receive up to 50 of these duplicate messsages. Does anyone have any idea how I can help this poor soul? Her friends have told her to stop sending e-mail
  2. zipperman

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    Have her send me my avatar. Send should have just 1 address.
    but, I think Her ISP is the place to ask.It's probably just a setting in,
  3. ohhrika

    ohhrika TS Rookie

    I get issues like this a lot at work, the first thing we have them do is to try and send using their webmail if offered, also check the settings about leaving messages on the server [in outlook] it could be that there are lots of messages still on the actual server, or their may be something going on with their outlook, try upgrading versions. I'll look more while I'm at work, but I'd check those things out. In my experience Outlook 2007 would be a good upgrade for them, fairly similar and easy to use.
  4. CCT

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    One solution I came across found that the 'Sent Items' mail .dbx file was full up. Copying this to OldSentItems.dbx and then emptying the Sent Items.dbx folder fixed it up.
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