Problem with PC continuous reboot after login

By dequir62
Sep 28, 2007
  1. Couple of days ago, I experienced the following problem.
    PC rebooted everytime client logs on.

    Solution must be used with care. Follow instructions if you which to apply this solution.

    1. Reboot of recovery CD
    2. Choose R to repair windows
    3. Select the windows folder (note: you might have to enter admin password if requires)
    4. At windows, enter the following command: Chkdsk /r (checkdisk will check and repair desk. You might need to add /p to also check windows volume)
    5. After process in #4 ends, At the windows prompt enter command in #6
    6. Fixmbr (and enter) - yes or no to next prompt
    7. Quit or Let the process run and end
    8. Exit and reboot computer.

    Note: The above steps have fixed continuous reboot problems on my computer
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    You should rename this thread to include the word "FIX"...
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