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Jul 24, 2005
  1. i didnt know what part of the forum to put this in, hope this is the right one, im using my computer and its making lots of beeps, the beeps are very loud. what does it mean
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    If you are using a temperature/fan monitoring program it could be alarms, the beep codes are only when the BIOS is doing it's POST. If you're in Windows I'd look for any kind of alarms. Also check the Event Viewer for any errors in the log that could give a clue. (right click on 'My Computer' select 'Manage' then expand 'Event Viewer' and look in there)
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    o my god i just found out 2 day what it was, i checked my pc temperature and it said it was 92c then a few seconds after i check the temp the computer shut down
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    Tarkus had it.
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