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Jan 5, 2007
  1. Hi All ,
    I have a computer that keeps restarting on its own , it would load up to my user name screen ( XP ) when I put my password in it would just restart , it did this about 5 or 6 times , ............ now as I am writing this in this forum , I restarted it again and it stopped at detecting IDE drives ......... it stayed there about 2 to 3 minutes and then started to load and stopped and siad problem loading or detecting orperating system , I restarted it again ...... and it loaded in XP to the blue screen that says click your user name , i do ....then put my password in and it restarted my pc again , before all of this happened my pc was working fine , I decided I wanted to clean out my pc , it was loaded with dust around the power fan and also the processer fan , I cleaned all the dust out inside the pc like I have done plenty of times , but this is the first time this has happened , any ideas on what I my have done wrong , is there any ideas on what I can try to fix this problem , Thank you to all ................Tammy
  2. Rik

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    Check the cables in the back of your hard drive in case you inadvertently jogged one a little loose.
  3. jubie

    jubie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I made sure everythin was back in tight , plus I rechecked everything again and its still doing the same , thank you
  4. Rik

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    Get speedfan from the downloads section and use it to monitor things for a while.
  5. sebastian_11

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    You surely have the BSOD issue. Try clean the RAM slot and the RAM stick ( BUT NOT WITH WATER)
  6. jubie

    jubie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    How can I get speedfan from the download section ,?? when my pc keeps shutting off ??
    what is BSOD mean .......... sorry , I'm new to this stuff , I took the ram out and cleaned the slots and ram , put them back in and it still does the same , also I tired getting in safe mode by pressing F8 and it doesn't bring me into safe mode , any other ideas please ??? Thank You

    I took the processer fan off and cleaned all the dust off it , I also took out the battery power supply and cleaned inside of that , could I have done something wrong with them ??
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