Problem with pirated XP?

By redpumice
Dec 15, 2007
  1. There was this version of XP Pro pirated running well... though the automatic updates was turned off, by mistake an update downloaded n installed, hence showing an error after concluding it was conterfeit. Uponn restart, the computer was immediately taken to the BIOS screen and nothing else. There was nothing that seemed possible from there. What is to be done? (Ofcourse other than reformatting the drive or getting original XP). Thanks!
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    With regards to your problem, TechSpot does not condone such things as pirated software so it's good you have thought about purchasing a license.

    Windows finding out that is a fake shouldn't make your pc stop at the POST screen (the one with info about your hard drives, ram, cpu etc), it should just boot into Windows normally and try and annoy you into buying a license.

    What you could do is perform a repair install (boot off of the Windows CD) and purchase a license to put into Windows. When you buy Windows you're actually paying for the license key and less so for the actual software. Obviously you pay a bit for the disc and packaging etc but the main cost is the license and this is what Microsoft wants you to buy.
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    You answered your own question.
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