problem with recording, urgent help needed, please!

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on my old computer which about 4 yrs old i used to record some music, i had to go into settings and make sure mic was selected and that volume was high etc. cos it wasnt working at first. but now i have a new problem, my computers sound quality is bad so i am using my sisters from now on, but i have come across a problem i cant deal with.....

i have clicked everything on and made sure mic was selected etc. but this time it wont record! no on sound recorder or cool edit, theres nothing goin in!! its the exact same problem on my cousins computer who has a brand new computer which he got a couple weeks ago, i made sure everything was ticked etc. but it still wont record!!!:mad:
can anybody help me?
i cant see no difference apart from the fact that my old computers mic input and speaker output were on them metal bars that go across the plate near the bottom, this one and my cousins are further up the computer near the top and are colour coded, i duno if thats an issue?

can anybody help me please, i really need to be able to record!
p.s my speakers r fine n play so i duno wah da problem is.....

thanks for any help, its appreciated



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Did the soundcard of that new computer (and your cousin's as well) come with a software sound-control panel? Check the settings there.
Sounds like you have on-board sound, check for any settings in the BIOS as well.
Check you use the proper mic-input and speaker output. On on-board sound systems they use the same connectors.
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