Problem with Sata2 Raid 1 MoBo Intel

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Mar 7, 2006
  1. Hi!
    Let me give you a brief summary of my problem.
    I recently sent a server (MoBo Intel 955XBK, 2GB Ram and two Western Digital HDD Sata2) for colocation, so I have no physical access to it. I configured everything correctly, and it was working fine before shipping. (By the way, both HDD were in Raid 1 Mirror).
    There was some kind of trouble with the case so one of my friends intercepted the server and was forced to remove both HDD from the Motherboard.
    I don't want to bore you with details, but the thing is that when the server was finally online, I had lost the array. Now I can see both disks independently and the Intel Matrix Storage software with which I created the arrays is not running because it says that "The driver is not correctly installed".

    My question now is, do you know if there's a way to install the driver (usually done pressing F6 when installing Windows) within Windows and build the array from there?

    Thanks for you help guys :D
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    The driver was installed originally so it should still be there. Perhaps you can go to the Device Manager to uninstall the SATA controllers, restart and let Windows reinstall the drivers.
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    Thanks for your post. As you say, the driver *should* still be there. When I look for it on the Device Manager, there's nothing related. Not even a sign that it was ever there. The Motherboard has 4 Sata1 and 4 Sata2 channels. The first group uses a Silicon Controller (Sil3114r5) and it is listed on the Device Manager. The second group uses an Intel 82801GR Raid Controller, and is the one with which I have problems.

    Any other idea? Isn't there a way to install the driver from whithin Windows and rebuild the array?
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    Ok, I've got new information. What happened is that someone mistakenly changed the BIOS config. and configured it so that both disks are recognized as IDE drives. Now, when we return the config. to RAID, both disks are recognized, but would not boot Windows.

    I guess I have no other option but to reinstall the hole system right? Does anyone know something else I can do?
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    Well, I know now that there is no way around this. Just received a mail from Intel telling me that the only way to solve this is to reinstall everything.
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