Problem with theme settings

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problem with theme settings; SOLVED

screen shots attached;
NIS-correct.jpg is the way user-A login shows a window, but user-B login
shows the same windows as in NIS-ab.jpg

ALL windows for for user-A are created as expected, but all user-A
windows, for all applications, are anemic --- almost colorless -- like NIS-ab.jpg

other symptom is icons on the desktop have names over a solid background color, instead of the original transparent bg

any ideas what got messed up?

(system is XP/Home SP2)


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extra info

I've taken a Theme from user-A (via save theme as) and loaded into user-B
and there's no change in the presentation.

using RUN AS to get a copy of IE running under user-A while logged on to user-B
is also ineffective.

even screen shot of TS is junk :(

what happen to the graphic settings to whack this?


still more input

Netscape 8.1 and Opera 8.51 display web pages correctly, while
Firefox 1.5.05 and IE 6.0.2900 are whackooo.

FF has been uninstalled with all Application Data and Local Settings obliterated,
rebooted and then reinstalled to no avail :(



edits for precise implementation are noted in blue

first, logon to a $User which has the Look-N-Feel you want.

  1. run regedt32
  2. find this user entry under
  3. HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3325523883-2464182885-4225608301-XXXX
  4. move to the key
  5. HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3325523883-2464182885-4225608301-XXXX\Control Panel
  6. right click on this key and move down to EXPORT
  7. SAVE AS $User.CP.reg and then quit regedt32
    (be sure to save the file in a common area like
    \docs & settings\All Users\My Documents)

log off $User

now login as the $User-to-be-fixed

  1. run regedt32
  2. find this user entry under
  3. HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3325523883-2464182885-4225608301-YYYY

go to the directory where you saved $User.CP.reg
right click the file and choose EDIT
change all -XXXX to -YYYY
(be sure to use the '-' prefix to avoid changing ALL xxxx.
we want to ONLY change user user-id here :) )
SAVE AS the file as my.cp.reg and EXIT

LOG OFF $User-to-be-fixed

Log on to and admin user id

find the file you saved as my.cp.reg

left click the saved file and allow it to be added to the registry

log off and then log back in to $User-to-be-fixed -- you will now look exactly like $User
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