Problem with thinkpad t30

By alexdragonking · 8 replies
Jan 6, 2008
  1. I have a thinkpad t30,can't access the bios or the harddrive.
    The type is 2367
    s/n: kp-wcpz3.
    Can someone help me? Even the hardrive.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Go to the site

    and sign up. There are some real Thinkpad experts there.

    The T-30, in certain type numbers, has been having a number of serious issues reported as it ages.

    My guess, as a long time Thinkpad owner, is that your hard drive has gone bad.
  3. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    do you even get a splash screen or are you locked out? It could be you need a new CMOS battery.
  4. greeneagle

    greeneagle TS Rookie

    I've had this same problem. Have you figured it out?
  5. alexdragonking

    alexdragonking TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thinkpad t30

    I contacted ibm company and they want about $300 for the passwords
    which I will not pay because that's too much for a couple of password
    There's a page I found in the net: so you think you can fix it.
    Try it, if it works please let me know. I think we will have to buy a new board.
    Thanks for your time.

    p.s. If you find a chep board let me know.
  6. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

  7. alexdragonking

    alexdragonking TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thinkpad problem

    Thank you very much IAMO for your help, I owe you. Thanks again!
  8. sikpupy

    sikpupy TS Rookie

    A little warning about allservice and its people

    Hello everyone, sorry for the very first post being negative and all, but, this is just a little warning about ALLService and their staff. (a little long, sorry)

    I have been using my laptop but it does have a supervisor password set that just annoying, if nothing else. I was interested in their service for my IBM thinkpad T60 to remove the password as I heard they could do it. I wanted to unlock the PC8394t chip supervisor password that was on it. They, for the most part only take moneybooker payments, but, will take others like western Union. I sent them a letter trying to explain that here in the US we get scams all the time in emails that say “buy this cheap and send us money Western Union”.

    My letter to them:

    Hello again, well, I would like to order your service, but, I am a little hesitant. You are in Romania and request a wire transfer, I guess you do not have paypal? I feel a little unsure as I have no protection if this does not work. I am not saying this is a scam, Trust me, I am NOT a jerk , but, how do I know this will work? I have NO job and I do not wish to lose $45 if this is a scam. You will probably say "trust me". I wish you used ebay and took paypal because then I could show you from my Ebay record of 140 buys, that I am a man of my word, because, I would ask if you would be interested in helping me with the password first, and then if successful, I would pay. If I was making 60,000 a year, I probably would not care at all either way.

    Okay, it’s a little whiney, but, no way is it derogatory, or, offensive. I was merely stating that if they could give me some reassurance, I would be more than happy to pay them or do whatever they wished. It was a proverbial stretched out hand for help, a faith of good will.

    This is their letter back to me:

    Are you a joker? Or I guess I am having a good time.

    Excuse me, but I am really bussy.

    I then said:

    No, I am serious. How do I know I will not be robbed/money stolen? I do not know you, and, you are in Romania! There are 100's of scams in America that say "send money by western union", to take money from Americans. How do I know you are NOT the same? Where is MY "guarantee", if this does not work, I get my money back? With a company like "paypal", I have help. If I send money by Western Union, I have NO help if you are not honest.

    (Actually, paypal will not even help since it is virtual goods, so beware that fact also.)

    There letter back to me:

    Mr Bond, (funny name, cause that Jan Fleming's character is brit and you are just a redneck),

    We do our business via Moneybookers on a daily basis, WU is just an option. We accept PayPal as well, but PP is also the easiest way to obtain free software, used by con artists, and is the worst selling instrument for small software companies like ours.
    I could accept PayPal, however, but after your last emails I just realized you are simply an *****.
    We do not sell to this kind of people, because to gurantee the success, a certain IQ level is needed, you know.

    Victor Voinea

    (there is also a guy named Bob who is just as bad, if he even really exists)

    Now, I am here to say that I don’t know if their service works or not, but, it is obvious they do not care too much about others. I just want all to be forewarned that if you absolutely need their service and want to take a chance, I wish you luck. They are not concerned about you!! Here is something directly from their site:

    “We do not accept PayPal, as this company lacks in any minimal seller protection. We do our business through MoneyBookers or bank or at elast Western Union, etc."

    Yet, when I ask about MY guarantee, I am an “*****”? What the………?????

    WOW! We need customer service like that in America! Apparently it’s a Romanian trait as they seem to be the most hated people in Europe, from what I have read last three days
    while I was trying to find some Romanian words. I, personally, judge people as a one on one basis, but, they put that theory to rest for me. People are people, but, between all of the stories I have heard, people I have met (as I have dated a Romanian girl) and especially Europe, its true, they are not so good people. Then again, look up Vlad Dracula the impaler, bad bad baaad man, lol.

    As far as I am concerned, as soon as I find out how they do it, I will share it free with the world and put an end to their abusive hostage holding attitudes. I will be more than happy to show them what kind of ***** I am.

    All I need now is the PC8394 data sheet and I am 1 step from closing this deal. Being unemployed it’s a little hard, but, if I have to buy the data sheet, I will. As soon as I know where the SDA pins are, dump the file, I just need to run the hash programs and it’s done. You ALL will know then how to take care of this locked problem.

    When they see this, they will surely start to act nice to everyone and try to give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Let it be shown here, that what you see from their personality isn’t real. I bet people will even get on here to defend them. It will be either the people from ALLservice, or, others that bent to their requests. It’s also funny that they try to look like they are doing the world a favor by explaining how to unlock the T40’s. The reason they did that was because the Japanese/Chinese found a way and was sharing it with the world. Guess they wanted to look like the hero. I wonder what excuse THEY will have and post, as they know I am now spreading the word about them. In all fairness too, let it be known that I DID give them a good piece of my mind, but, it was after the fact that it was clear how rude they were to me. I think people should be treated better, no matter who they are, unless they are in fact a-holas.

    If you want to know more about this company, please feel free to contact me. Everywhere I go, I am going to try to have it where I am notified when someone posts to my story, so, you will be seeing a lot of me. “I” will give you the full story, or what you would like to know about them about them if you want to hear it, but, hopefully you see them through this warning for who they are.

    Well, good luck with them if you go that route, I have to go take them down ;)

  9. Traud

    Traud TS Rookie

    i don't now victor but i done business whit him and all ok and PC8394 works 100000000% and yes messing whit ibm bios is not for normal ppl if you **** data on epp or flash you will get crc error and have to pay another fee to repair the dump

    and onother think the most scam on wester union is nigerian ppl
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