Problem with transfering files over network

By Chronus
Jan 3, 2006
  1. First off one of my computers hard drive decided it was time to quit. It being 6+ years old. We used another computer to recover all the documents and files on the HD, about 3 GB of information, and burnt it on a DVD as a backup coppy. Got a new 40 Gig HD to replace it, installed the network onto it and dled the MacAfee and everything else onto it.


    The we do not yet have a DVD reader on that computer, so we were going to transfer the data over the network. When I tried to transfer the files over the Lan with C4, I could not locate the shared files on any of the other computers.
    Here is the breakdown of what I have found. We are using a Belkin Wlan/Lan router.

    C1: Sisters computer, xp home -Lan
    C2: Moms computer, xp work -Lan- one that just got replaced, was on WLan
    C3: My computer, 2000 -WLan - only has round 6Gb HD
    C4: Brothers Laptop, xp home -Lan

    When everything is plugged in and on, C2 can see all the computers but only has the authority to access C1, if even that. C4 can only see and access C3. However when it was only C4 and C2 on the network before the crash we could transfer the files, otherwise with C1 plugged in it seemed only my dads account on C1 could see any of the files before.

    All the computers can access the internet, and use the networked printer. The printer is attached to C2.

    Is there any way to make the shared folder completely shareable? Thank you for the time.
  2. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    go to the folder right click /prperties
    sharing permissions add network sharing tick what ever boxs you want them to be able to do read write exacute
    though it says full control read change
    after that you can set how amny uswers
    go to security tab
    add network here and also set controls
    hope this helps
    make sure all pc's nic's are the same settings auto works most of the time but on my machines I use 100/full duplex
    when transfering my % goes to 90%
    but about 75% thats 75mb/s out of 100
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