problem with vid card or moniter, need help pelase!

By lorne ยท 5 replies
Jun 3, 2007
  1. i have a dell 3.0 Ghz processor with NVIDIA 6800 Vid card. 1.5 Gb ram, now i have these lines as you can see in my uploaded picture. i can aslo take an icon, and drag it all over my screen and it will leave marks that i can make disapear by clsoign or re openign a window as in my other picture. i have a dell moniter, ive read alot of thigns but nothign that matches my scenario, hope someoen can help me. i am goign to go to a firneds and try their moniter on my pc, and also try there video card in my pc, but anythign else coudl be worng? dont think a magnet was near ym moniter besides my sub speaker which is still far away. please and thanks for any help.

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  2. CCT

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    Download the 93.71 Nvidia drivers (they work well on my 6800) into a folder, goto add/remove programs, and uninstall your present video drivers.

    Reboot and install the NEW drivers.

  3. lorne

    lorne TS Rookie Topic Starter

    still got porblem

    hey, thanks for you help ive tried this and i still got the problem, any thign else> thanks
  4. riden7

    riden7 TS Rookie

    same problem with me...
    but i run on radeon x550

    not monitor problem... this is vid card problem... :(
    how to fix please help!!!


  5. CCT

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    Go into the Nvidia control and under Tools click the Display Optimization Wizard and see if that helps any.
  6. lorne

    lorne TS Rookie Topic Starter


    well i foudn the problem, my video card was fried. for the guy who ahs this problem do this. if you have an video card that is not built in to your mothe rboard, remove it. then plug your moniter into the motherboard moniter slot thingy. sorry for bad terms. themn reboot yopur pc. test it out on soem small thign that shwoed yyour problem. and if its ficed, buy a new video card. so tomorow im off to the store to get a new one. thanks for ppls help.
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