Problem with Windows install - system restart????

By mke
Jun 25, 2006
  1. Hi there. have a small wierd problem. i am running windows home edition with sp1, and wanted to make a format since i havent formated this system for over a year and it became quite slow as i had installed a gazillion apps. ok the problem is that whenever i load the windows cd or the restore cd, and then restart the system to load from the cd, after a few succesfull seconds the system restarts without any warning or anything. its like the button to restart is pressed. i have no warning or error messages anywhere just this problem. i have installed succesfully now ubuntu and system didnt restart on the process. with windows, whatever version i try (have windows 2000, windows xp pro, and windows xp home), the system wont let me do that install for some unknown and un-showed reason.
    Could please someone tell me what is going on?? i have never seen this before nore heard of it. my system was running fine before, even with windows loaded. i have since then cleaned the ventilation and everything but nothing helped.
    This is laptop HP Omnibook ZE4258. with a AMD XP 2400. 512 ddr (2x256).
    i think there is something with bios or something wrong but dunno really, as i have install linux perfectly fine without a problem. why doesnt my laptop like windows??

    any ideas much much appreciated.
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