problem with x-fi / 6800 gt drivers

By s0ul
May 14, 2006
  1. hi , im new so hello to all :)

    anyways heres the story

    i purchases a new soundblaster x-fi card ( bit of a gamer ) . followed quick guide and installed ok , but soon as i put card into my pci slot ( have tried 3 slots ) i get problems with my xfx 6800 gt card ( drivers wont load ) . ie when i put new soundcard in my gfx card drivers dont load. if i take it back out all fine. so i booted in safe mode and found that the problem was " memory range D0000000 - DFFFFFFF " is conflicting ( this is off the gfx card btw ) . i have tried a reinstall of the sound card , just tryin a gfx card install now but if any 1 has any info that could help me i would be very grateful

    anyways thx in advance

    s0ul aka dead
  2. s0ul

    s0ul TS Rookie Topic Starter

    just to let any 1 know , i sorted the problem , all i did was increase the agp apeture size in bios and now working fine
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