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Nov 13, 2007
  1. Alright I have a Windows XP system, and outa no where when I try to start it up-it goes to the loading screen, you know it says Windows Xp up top, little blue bar going through middle screen, anyways stays there for about 15 secs then a blue screen pops up and my comp reboots, ive tried Safe Mode, it trys to start up and stops at a thing called "agpcpq.sys" tried rebooting with previous good settings, does the same thing as normal-Is there anything I can do?
  2. pdyckman@comcas

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    Have you tried system restore? If it's a hardware problem, it won't help, but I would give that a shot. Then check out any video hardware you may have. Good Luck.
  3. BeaverWeaver

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    my comp wont Start at all, not even safe mode so I cant do system restore
  4. zipperman

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    WIld guess's

    Do you have any disks in the drives ? Sometimes it's overlooked.
    cdrom first is only for installing Windows.
    Remove any.It doesn't appear a video problem if you get Windows Logo
    and progress bar.
    But you should be able to get to the bios.Set the first boot to your
    HD with the OS installed.While your there set it to quick boot.
    But i'll do a restart to see what else i can suggest.
    Be right back.
    After the point you get to the screen should be black for a few seconds
    then say Welcome and your Desktop appears.
    Is this the way it has in the past ?
  5. BeaverWeaver

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    Alright I did the 1st part, set the HD but-how do you set it to quick boot?

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  6. zipperman

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    I have an asus mbd

    So i can only describe mine.You should have a boot option you use the
    arrow key to get it showing.It should list boot options.
    1 being quick boot.on or off.Don't forget to save your changes.
    Did you boot to Windows,it doesn't matter then.It Just avoids describeing
    your hardware being detected.Is it now ? Use the Pause key to
    get more time to read them being loaded.
    Watch that all your memory is detected.
  7. Stick'o ram

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    You might have to end up using the repair function with your windows (xp?) cd.
  8. Cerberus

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    Check that your system isnt overheating, check that your heatsink/ CPU fan is attatched correctly and that case fans are functioning. Also your HDD may be on its last legs or the boot sector / Win installation may be corrupt.
  9. k.jacko

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    I've had this a couple of times and the only way i found round it was a reformat. Its the corrupt agp drivers thats causing the problem. I tried copying the same drivers that i'd re-downloaded from another pc onto it, no joy, so reformat was the only option i found.
  10. gazzaoz

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