Problems after trying to installing new ram.

By Valkimseth
Dec 25, 2006
  1. So i got some new RAM for christmas 512 kingston 4200
    was going to insert it in turns out wrong kind of ram needed 3200

    than went to plug my computer back in
    (before trying to insert RAM everything was stable)
    plugged it all in turned it on
    seems my monitor was a bunches a colors and bars
    like you see on tv (a little different)

    but anyways i unplugged my vid card
    plugged it back in the agp slot.
    Plugged monitor back in

    Same thing No dice....

    my specs.

    AMD athlon 2800+ 1.8 ghz
    512 Mb Ram
    Radeon x1600 agp pro series 256 mb

    The Monitor
    Old Dell i think it was one of the first flat screens its P- Something i forget

    thank you.
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  2. fenderzone1200

    fenderzone1200 TS Rookie

    does your motherboard have onboard video?
  3. Valkimseth

    Valkimseth TS Rookie Topic Starter

    using agp...........................
  4. fenderzone1200

    fenderzone1200 TS Rookie

    I also use an agp card ATI Radeon 9500 every time I have my video card unhooked and reinstall I have to hook up to my onboard video and reinstall the drivers to make it work properly.
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