Problems Booting from a SATA partition copied from an IDE partition

By whitewolf32
Aug 11, 2005
  1. I have been running with a SATA 200GB drive for about 6 months or more as a secondary drive with a much smaller (80gb) IDE drive as my primary..

    I left an 85GB partition free on my SATA drive to copy my primary drive C (IDE partition) to when I was ready to deal with it.

    I used partition magic 8.0 to copy my drive C to my unallocated space. When I set up the copy sequence in PM it says "warning drive may not be bootable", Proceed or cancel. I do proceed.

    I remove my IDE drives, and even removed my DVD writer drive. (power from all of them.)

    When I power on, just as PM had said, it says please insert a boot diskette.

    I've considerred reinstalling windows, but according to other forums and discussions I would then need a floppy with MB SATA drivers and I don't have a floppy drive, and hate to get one just for this one operation. If I boot into windows after everything has been copied via PM, everything is there on the SATA drive, a mirror image of my drive C. But, I can't boot off of it.

    My guess is the master boot record (mbr), needs to be created or made active or something. (yes I made the new partition active, no difference.)

    Is this a boot issue due to windows xp MBR (or something else windows xp related) or is this a boot issue due to trying to boot off of a SATA drive?

    Lastly, Is it an absolute requirement that I have to reinstall windows using a floppy and mb drivers to load the sata drive and go through that whole process. I used PM b/c I DON'T want to reinstall windows..

    I have the ASUS KV8 Deluxe 64bit board with an AMD 3000 64bit CPU. I have tried disabling IDE in the bios, no change. The final wrench in all this, is after I'm done, I would like to still have my IDE drive as a slave or secondary master. Is this a possibility or does SATA operate mutually exclusively of IDE hard drives?

    But the answer I need the most is, how do I get my SATA hard drive to boot now that I have my primary partition copied to it? (I still have the original, but want to do away with that once and only if I have everything working for a few days with my SATA drive as primary).

    Please let me know what I can do to get around having to reinstall windows xp.

    Thanks much in advance!
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