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Jun 29, 2005
  1. Hi

    i recently built a computer and am having problems getting to the screen that allows me to enter bios.

    After all of the hardware was installed properly I turned on the computer and the screen that has all of the system info and the options to continue or enter bios setting I accidently hit continue when I knew that I needed to enter bios to boot the dvd drive first. So I restarted the computer and everything turns on (hard drive dvd drive fans cpu) but there is no display, the monitor doesn't come off standby and I also don't get any post beeps. I know that the video card everything works and is compatible. I have a 500 watt power supply so I don't think that it is being overworked. I have tried using the jumpers to reset the cmos settings but no change. I have also left the cmos battery out for over a day and no change. I am completly baffled any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Try from basics. Disconnect everything, except floppy drive (if there), 1 stick of memory and the graphics card. Try to boot into BIOS, press Del a few times when starting.
    If no video, try another card. If no go, in all likelyhood your mobo is shot.
    If it works, add 1 item at the time and reboot. eventually you should find the 'sinner'.
  3. atcbrownie

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    thanks. I have tried this before but I will try again to be sure. Before I posted this I was pretty sure it was the mobo. thanks for your help.
  4. atcbrownie

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    i replaced the mobo same thing happens. what else could this be? could it be bad memory?
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    Ah excellent, Google has finally brought me to someone who has the _exact_ same problem as me. Hopefully 3months down the line someone may have a solution :

    Sometime ago, i had some PC problems, which looked to have been down to memory, or the power from my PSU. So, i was recommended to try out a new PSU - An Enermax Noisetaker 485w.

    When i got it, everything was fine and dandy - No problems, until one day, i just switched on my PC and *pfftttttttttt* is all i heard coming from my PSU. That was when i found out (For an inexplicable reason) it had blown.

    I had to then revert back to my dated (Yet never-had-aproblem-PSU) 400w Skyhawk PSU, but of course the problems come back causing some problems. I got the broken Enermax replaced, but never actually fitted it because i eventually tracked it down to possible dodgy memory. I bought some Corsair memory, and the world was sweet again!

    I didnt have any problems, until last week. When played World of Warcraft i would occasionally get problems which made my screen go black/on again. I put it down to my Geforce 6800GT getting a tad warm, so i took it out, and let it cool down.

    Upon putting it back in, i found that my PC would turn on - But i wouldnt get any display. The monitor would assume no graphics was in, and just went into stand-by mode. I thought the worst and thought my Graphics Card was no longer working.

    I was told to go and get a (tester) PCI Graphics Card, which i did, borrowed it from a brother, while at his i tested my Graphics Card and thankfully it worked, so i fitted the PCI Graphics Card, but nothing come on.

    I was then told to go and Clear CMOS on the motherboard - and HUZZAH! it came on. I was happy, but because i did a Clear CMOS, i had to go back into the BIOS and config everything back to normal. Upon reset - The display went again. I wasnt too impressed.

    I decided now was the perfect moment to check the Enermax PSU i was given as a replacement (To the one that blew for no reason), i plugged my Geforce back in, turned on *pftttttt*. Yip, you guessed it - That PSU died also, within a second of turning the power on.

    I was told it might be because i have a lot of stuff which is consuming power, it might be too much (But for a reputable Enermax???). I re-fitted my Skyhawk, removed my Graphics Card AND my 2 memory sticks, and fitted my (Knowingly dodgy) Kingston memory back in.

    I cleared CMOS - Windows loaded up. So, i now have 2 pieces of very important gear - Which are useless in the PC, back that up with another blown Enermax and that was me miffed for the night.

    I spoke to Enermax, who did say that it was unusual, but they was willing to send out a final replacement for the one that blown, i recieved it and fitted it just now - It didnt blow, but it didnt get my Graphics or Memory working either.

    Whether i install the Graphics on its own, or just one bank of memory on its own, it still wont work. With the Graphics, it wont work full stop, but with the memory, i can get into the BIOS, but as soon as i leave the BIOS, i lose the display again.

    Im at a loose end on what to try now, because i removed all the Hard Drives (2 Hard Drives) and CDRW and DVDR, but whatever the cause, its not solving it. Its something to do with the hardware definatly, but its not having any of it.

    Here is a spec-sheet:

    AMD Athlon 3200
    Corsair XMS3200XL Platinum TwinX (512mb *2)
    Abit NF7-S v2
    BFG Geforce 6800GT
    Enermax Noisetaker 485w

    I have also tried 2 different components with the same results:

    Skyhawk 400w PSU
    Asus A7N8X-E
    With the same bits as above also

    So, i have tried a different motherboard with the same problems... Its very confusing :/

    Also, ive had this rig for 3 months, not a problem.. Until now, i just dont get it. Ive changed Motherboard, PSU, but its only the memory and graphics which are causing the problems ;/


    So, i have changed motherboard and PSU and problem still occurs.. The only thing which i havent tried (But should be tomorrow) is a different CPU, i dont know if it is the problem - But its the only thing which has been in the system the whole time
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