Problems connecting my Abit Siluro GeForce 3Ti200 to my TV

By Aragorn7326
Jan 10, 2005
  1. Hi to everyone,
    I have the following problem when I try to connect my desktop to my TV set. The Nview mode and the TVTools utility that I have downloaded only sees the TV as the current display.That means the when I select TV the signal goes to my TV and my monitor shuts down (and as you can imagine that is a problem since I cannot see what I am doing on the TV). I do not have primary and secondary display. My laptop works fine, I can clone the desktop and mirror and everything, but my desktop PC refuses to co-operate.I cannot make it work so whatever I see on my monitor, also see on my TV as well...... In the Nview properties (nview display settings) says single display and I can only choose either monitor or TV.I have an Abit Siluro Geforce 3 Ti200, I have downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers (66.93) and still nothing. Can anyone point me to a solution :)

    thanks a lot

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