Problems creating Home Folders - W2003Server.

By VicRic
Mar 17, 2007
  1. Hi,

    apparently there's a problem in Windows 2003 Server setting up Home Folders properly. See the following old link:

    Trouble With Windows Server 2003 Home Folders

    I'm running Win2003Server-Standard SP1 and the reported problem still shows up on me.

    Do you know whether SP2 includes a fix to the problem ?


    do you know of any other step-by-step guideline to set up Home Folders properly ?

    My requirements for proper Home Folders are (pretty obvious but worth stating):

    - only the authenticated user should have RWX access to their Home Folder;
    - any other user, except Administrator, should be unaware of the before-mentioned Home Folder, i.e. no Traversing nor RWX access;
    - the Home Folders Share should not be visible to network browsers, or at best, have Read-Only access to the root of the folder but not inside the User's Home Folders.

    Any feedback regarding this problem would be appreciated.

  2. VicRic

    VicRic TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 44

    * thanks to Endaar at Mark Minasi's Forum.

    Follow the guideline in this link :

    How to Dynamically...

    and then create the Home Folders.


    p.s. these are the security settings that worked for me for the home folder.

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