Problems installing e-GeForce8600GT on Pavilion a6030la

By guscastillo
Jan 11, 2008
  1. Hi everybody, I am having problems installing an e-GeForce 8600GT in a Pavilion a6030la. My desktop runs on Windows Vista and I have not been able to install the monitor driver yet (HP w1907) since it has a bug HP has not fixed yet. I have disabled the current video and TV card drivers but the monitor does not pick any signal and disconnects, does anybody have an idea of what could I do? or, is it simply that I bought the wrong graphics card? P.D.: I have already upgraded the power supply to 400W
  2. wii-ste

    wii-ste TS Rookie Posts: 163

    Are you using nVidia drivers after 163? (version number that is)

    If so, there seems to be a bug where it outputs to S-Video (or similar) by default. You may need to plug something into that port so that you can get into the control panel to setup the signal to the monitor.
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