Problems installing, Rebooting all because C:\WINDOWS wouldn't let me, help please!

By Sacred Fury
Mar 5, 2006
  1. Hello,

    I have had troubles with windows since I tried to install WINDOWS XP PRO JAP, yesterday. Ok so here is my problem

    1. I launched the Setup for WINDOWS XP PRO, like any other programs that needs to be installed. It first gave me an error saying that "the language of the Windows I have installed is different than the one I am attemping to install", I just went on. So I start the instaltion of windows it is written that it will take approx. 51 minutes for Windows to install, so I wait... but after even less then a minute the comp restart itself as if the instalation already been done. So the computer restart, there is as usual the black background with blank letters and numbers (you know just before your comp says "welcome" or whatever) and I get a new set of options:

    Microsoft Windows Home ??(japanese characters)ition
    Microsoft Windows Professional Edition Setup
    (just below here there is a cutdown of "3 secs)

    Just below these 2 there are japanese characters and the only number I could make out of it was "F8", when I click on it the characters and number changes and it looks like I am about to setup something, there is many options to choose from and the only words (since they are all in japanese) I could understand were "OS" and "Windows".

    If I click on Home ??ition, the computer starts at usual whitout any differences.

    But if I click on Microsoft Windows Professional Edition Setup The screen gets all blue and starts reading files, while telling me to press "F6" if I want RAIDS (not sure if it's that) and something else, or press F? (don't remember what it was), before I get an error message saying that Windows was shut to prevent any damages to my computer (from that point, all I can do is reset my computer).

    2. So I uninstalled the newly installed stuff, makes no difference, I tried to use the "Restoration" feature didn't change anything, I still get that:

    Microsoft Windows Home ??(japanese characters)ition
    Microsoft Windows Professional Edition Setup

    Each time I turn back on my comp...

    3. Besides all that, I am still trying to instal the JAP version of Windows XP PRO, so I tried with another one... won't let me instal it saying it's an older version compare to the one I have installed right now... So tried with Windows 2000 same thing. So I checked on the internet to see what I should do about that, from what I read I need to "BOOT" in order to install.... well ok, no problem... until I get that:

    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The file system does not go along with the execution of the applications MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows. Choose "Close" to terminate the application.

    So... I am here, right now with propably two versions of Windows in conflict (or whatever is the problem) with no clues, on what needs to be done. So please can anyone help me with that, please?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Lucy12

    Lucy12 TS Rookie

    Can you help me please?


    Did you get a solution regarding point 3. When I try to install certain things it also is prevented because of C:\WINDOWS.

    Can you help me?

  3. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    Reset the bios to factory defaults. Boot off of the XP cd delete the current partition, created a new partition, do a full ntfs format then do a clean XP install.
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