Problems installing SATA HDD, please help.

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Sep 21, 2004
  1. Hi.

    I bought a 100GB Samsung SP1213C SATA Hard disk drive, my mother board is Asus P4S800D, when i try to install windows it says that there arent any hdd installed, I know i have to install some SATA drivers but i dont know where to get them, one more thing the SATA controller is enabled and when i turn on my pc it says Primary Master Slave: SATA device not found, same thing under secondary master slave. If any can guide me thru the installation process and post a good link where i can download those drivers i'd be very gratefull.

  2. AdrianScotter

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    Hi, you shouldn't have to install any SATA drivers, the motherboard takes care of that. Take a look in the BIOS and under advanced you should be able to see the motherboard settings for the drives. Make sure that the board is set to use ENHANCED settings and not LEGACY, then go to the BOOT section and make sure the SATA drive is the first drive. Find the setting for Plug and Play operating system elswhere in the BIOS and make sure this is set to NO.
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    I had same problem and had to press f6 during xp installation to install 3rd party driver which should be on the mobo cd. I had to copy the driver to a floppy to get access.

    Good Luck
  4. Provin

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    I dont know what drivers are those, il try what AdrainScott said, but thanks anyway.
  5. Shiney

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    Browse through your mobo cd and you will find the sata driver that you need to install.
  6. Provin

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    Sorry but IF i knew what drivers were those i wouldnt come herefor help.
  7. Shiney

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    Good Reply, I would start by looking for a folder that has sata in its name :)
  8. MrGaribaldi

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    It'll most likely have SIS in it's name, as looking through Asus' download page for your motherboard, it's the driver listed as RAID driver.

    You can find your motherboard on Asus' product pages here, you can find the download page for your motherboard (which lists all drivers and BIOS' available) here and here you can find the RAID drivers (mini-ide drivers here)...

    That should be all the links you'll need to get the drivers you need :)


    :wave: Hello & Welcome to TechSpot :wave:
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    First thing I do when I get a board is update the Bios. Take for example my Abit IC7 Max-3, when I got it the BIOS couldn't see larger hdd's so my 200GB ATA was only seen as a 130GB :(

    As soon as I got a driver update voila...

    Most Bios's nowadays will pick up your SATA as soon as you turn your machine on. If not do what UI do.

    The other posts here are quite insightful and if you try them all you should have success.

    Remember SATA is kinda sorta newish technology and it won't reach it's full potential until Longhorn imo.
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    First of all you need to know that with the SATA installation there is not such configurations for master and slave or primary and secondary it just you need to choose from the boot section in your motherboard bios setup page boot from SATA or SCSI and you set it as secondary boot and your first boot is your CD drive with your SATA controller drivers in a floppy disk and a bootable windows XP CD in your CD drive, boot your machine and at the first and second boot windows will ask you if you have to install a 3rd party drivers from your floppy disk press f6 in the second screen and window will search your floppy drive for the drivers and you will not identify any think in the earliest but after the booting finish windows will ask you to conform the using of your SATA controller drivers and after will detect your HDD.
    You can find the latest SATA controller drivers on asus web site you just need to search using your motherboard model number on asus web site or you have them already on your motherboard support CD (don't forget to enable SATA controller in the advanced bios setup page). RADE configuration will not work with single SATA HDD you will need to connect two HDD's with similar sizes

    Good luck
  11. Shiney

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  12. abacajan

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    Me too


    I recently bought a brand new machine with a 80gb sata seagate hdd. i am having a lot of trouble installing win xp. i push f6 and put in my floppy, it recognises the driver, loads it fine, and everything works fine. but when xp tries to copy the instalation files, it says I have no hdd installed. ive tried everything can someone help
  13. Mohlianum

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