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Problems installing Win XP - Please help.

By Frostyr0d ยท 4 replies
May 3, 2006
  1. So i just bought my new mobo, and i formatted my old HDD to make it work with the new mobo.

    So now i install windows, everything works fine, and i get into Windows when installation is finished.

    But when i restart my computer again, at any time, i can never boot into windows again...

    I get this error message.. some thing like this:

    "Windows couldnt start because a file is damaged/corrupt
    C:\Windows\DRIVERS\pci.sys "

    Please help me.
  2. C0d3Warr10r

    C0d3Warr10r TS Rookie Posts: 33

    Possible solution: Test Memory

    If you have more than one memory module, I would try removing all but the 1st channel memory and try to boot into windows again. If that doesn't work, try another stick of ram until you can get into windows. From the research I've done, it sounds like it might be a faulty memory stick.

  3. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,157   +459

    According to your profile you have a SATA hard drive. Did you install your SATA/RAID drivers as well as your motherboard drivers?
  4. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    if you have not service pack 2 or up'ed to spk2 a install disc with spk1 will not work smoothly
    you can try repair from disc
    cmd prompts
    chkdsk c: /r
    REN abc.sys abc.old where abc is the pci.sys file
    make sure your in the right dir
    set AllowAllPaths = true
    expand d:\i386\pci.sy_ c:\windows\system\drivers32 /y

    It could be dirty memory stick contacts
    and I assumed that you had installed the sata drivers
  5. Frostyr0d

    Frostyr0d TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    I reinstalled Windows.

    It works fine now :)
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