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Problems playing games!

By Pureity
Jun 27, 2007
  1. Don't really know where to put this. I have the problem when I get into anything graphic related, altho it could be the RAM.


    When I try to play any game, it either crashes my comp as soon as it finished loading the graphix, or like 2 minutes after.

    I've tried different Drivers for my vid card (BFGtech 8800gts 640) same result with older, newest and beta drivers.

    updated and rolled back my sound drivers, same thing.

    Power supply is a 600W Aspire model that I've had for a bit.

    I have a Thermaltake case with a bunch of fans and a Zalman heatsink on my AMD 3500+.

    1gig of Corsair Value-select ram-PC3200 (a couple weeks old. blew the last gig trying to configure these ones)

    I had it cleaned, and fixed up a little by the business that built it.

    The only thing I haven't checked is if the ram is seated correctly, but I'm scared to do that after I foolishly blew my last gig trying that same thing.

    The Screen goes black, freezes or freezes/blacks-blue screen of death splashes (too fast before my system reboots to figure out the error msg.

    It's really frustrating me, anyone got any clue what's goin on?

    Comp specs-
    AMD 64 3500+ (venice) -(cooled by Zalman heatsink)
    MSI K8N neo4 plat mobo
    1 gig Corsair value-select DD400
    Aspire 600w PSU
    BFGtech 8800gts 640
    Windows XP SP2
    Thermaltake Armor tower
    160gig HD
  2. Pureity

    Pureity TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fixed it!

    turns out it was a number of things.

    one, BF2 didn't like the drivers I had on so I completely removed any trace of display Drivers and the game worked, as well as a few others.

    Turns out that some of the things were actually the game problems. like Medieval 2 crashing my comp was due to the option of AA in the game's menu, so I untoggled it and now that game runs well.

    did a bunch of tests on my ram. they are great! thx for all the views, I'm glad it wasn't something major =D

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