Problems sharing/restricting files across my XP network

By mike_burtie
Mar 6, 2005
  1. Hello there everyone and apoligies if this is a simple question, but it has me foxed.. :confused:

    I have 2 PC's hard wire networked via a Belkin router ("old" pc and "new" pc), both with XP Pro. The network is called Mynetwork and the "old" pc is called "Oldpc" with the new one being "Newpc".

    The "new pc" has 2 user accounts, me as an administrator and my daughter as a limited account.

    The "old pc" also has two accounts, mine as an administrator, and my daughter with a limited account although she doesn't access it (I have a KVM and she doesn't know how to switch between the machines). Both user names are the same on each machine.

    I have (fairly) sucessfully managed to restrict her access on the "new pc" to allow access to only her files (although I'll need some help with that in due course as well) but she is still able to access files which I have set to be shared on the "old pc" via the network link. I've tried to restrict her access in the same way as I did on the "new pc" but the "old pc" doesn't recognise her "new pc" user name, presumable because it can't look across both the "old" and "new" pc's and see both sets of users. When I go to the location option on the sharing menu, I can only see the "oldpc" as a location and cannnot get it to recognise the "newpc".

    I'm stumped and whilst I could just stop sharing the files on the "old" pc, I'd rather not as my other half accesses them via the adminstrator user on the "new pc" and isn't teccie enough to be able to enable the sharing when she needs them and then disable them so my daughter can't get to them and poke around...

    Any thoughts ?
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Why don't you and your wife share the one 'newpc' and give the 'oldpc' exclusively to your daughter, with strict instructions NOT to touch the 'newpc'! Then only allow internet access from that 'oldpc', no sharing.

    Also, how hard is it to push one button on a KVM?
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