Problems w/ BIOS flash w/ NF7-S, won't boot

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Jun 18, 2005
  1. i downloaded the abit flash utility from the abit website here:

    i downloaded the BIOS for the NF7-S series from here:
    [it is the link "NF7 Series BIOS 28 (NF7/NF7-S Revision 1.0~1.2 &
    NF7-M) "]

    then i followed the instructions found here:

    but instead of doing the floppy disk i used the flash utility. i had
    already made the floppy disk and had transferred the 5 extracted
    files to it when i realized i could just use the flash utility and it
    would do it all for me. so i did the flash utility "from file" and
    selected the .bin file that had been extracted. the flash utility
    took it from there and it went fine and then told me it was going to
    reboot and i said okay. than it rebooted but never booted back up. i
    let it sit there for like 5 minutes, nothing on the monitor or
    anything. then i realized that i had left the floppy in. so i took it
    out and had to power it down by holding the botton for like 3 secs.
    then i turned it back on a still nothing. it "reads" the hard drive
    (the light is on for about 10 secs) but nothing else. nothing on the
    monitor. i tried the whole "F2" or "F8" but neither worked. put in my
    windows CD and still nothing.
    any ideas? is there a way i can get it to boot from the floppy to "re-flash"
    the BIOS that is on there? am i looking at a new motherboard? or a
    new "BIOS chip" if there is such a thing?
  2. Rik

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    Look in the book that came with your mobo and find the clear cmos section and follow the instructions. This will reset your bios to its original state and it should buut up again.
  3. fitzerator

    fitzerator TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah, after posting here i searched around some more. i have the manual. i unplugged the tower and moved the jumper and left it there for at least 5 minutes. wents back and reset it but to no avail.

    i have a feeling that i'm gonna have to get a new BIOS chip from Abit. question: if i order a new BIOS chip from Abit, will all i have to do is physically removed the old one and install the new one? then will everything be okay again? or do i have to do more stuff to it?

    thanks for all your help,
  4. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    I have no idea of they sell the bios chip bt itself, but if i were u i'd try to get them to replace the mobo.
  5. fitzerator

    fitzerator TS Rookie Topic Starter


    so you think i could email Abit and complain that their flash utility screwed up my stuff and they should replace it? i'm fairly computer savy, but i haven't delved too much into all this hardware stuff before. i guess it is worth a shot... thanks so much for your advice. i really appreciate it.
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